Save 86% of your time on influencer research* and truly reach your target audience.

  1. Discovery - made for marketers: Find 11 million influencers on TikTok and Instagram
  2. 20 scores & analytics per influencer guarantee the best quality for your campaign
  3. In-depth Audience Reports: Get specific data on the followers of each influencer
  4. Campaign Tracking: Automated # and @ detection of stories and posts
  5. New: Instagram Reels - Use the still undervalued channel and discover viral influencers in your niche.
*we compared agencies that did research directly via social-media apps before using influData

Analyse your influencer

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Our intuitive keyword search allows you to find the exact creators you are after – no matter how exotic your niche may be.
Always authentic: influData’s Quality Rating makes it easy to separate the real deal from an imposter.
We will give you all the contact information you need and – if wanted – even assist you with the copy-writing. It’s that simple!
We analyze and track the activity of every creator you choose to cooperate with. Lean back, and let us keep track of your campaign mentions.
Audience Insights
Check the audience of every creator. Unlike other platforms, we don’t charge for individual reports and provide you will all information of each creator.
Store and Collect
Create Folders and add creators. Give private ratings and add your individual notes.

Inside influData

High Performance Search Tools

Find in milliseconds your best fitting creator with our live search, even with complex combinations of keywords, gender and location.

Creator Metrics at a Glance

Everything you need to know about a creator is neatly displayed in our profile page. Detailed Quality Scores, Audience Reports, Follower Graphs, Latest Posts or any metrics that could help you.

Sophisticated Creator and Campaign Tracking

We provide you with an overview of the latest stories and posts from the creators you collaborate with and highlight the mentions and tags of your brand. We provide statistic of how your campaigns perform and notify you about your goals or new tags. (Coming soon)

Your next generation marketing app

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8.5 Mio
Instagram Influencers
3.5 Mio
Instagram Brand Accounts
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TikTok and Instagram Experts involved in Planning and Development

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Christian Kuper
CEO at Vincent Vegan
For our vegan burger restaurants in Hamburg, Berlin and soon Leipzig we were searching vegetarian or vegan creators. With the use of influData we didn't only reach thousands of potential customers, but also got high-quality and authentic content.
Julia Schultz-Ering
Digital Marketing Manager at CatInTheBox
influData makes it so much easier to find, qualifiy and activate creators from different regions and with different backgrounds, styles, age - you name it! All the time that was invested into research before, now can be used for management and strategy.
Sarah Emmerich
Social Media Expert (Self-Employed)
InfluData makes it easier for me to find influencers in different niches and sizes for my clients. Also, InfluData is my most valuable tool in analyzing influencers I’ve already selected, because I get a quality analysis about the target audience and all the important insights without even having contacted the influencer or their management.